Amy Denise

Simply Seeking Truth

Amy Denise is a writer, natural living enthusiast and lover of all things flat earth. She is passionate about community, healing, and studying the deeper teachings of scripture. She began her walk with Messiah after realizing the deception of the new age movement twelve years ago. Her experiences and testimony of dabbling in the dark occult help her to see and expose how the enemy of our soul truly operates — the same enemy that lied and said we are living on a spinning speck in space and that we are insignificant and small. She believes the truth about our divinely created enclosed earth is one of the key components to rousing the world from its apathetic slumber — thus unlocking humanity’s true potential as deeply loved and wonderfully made spiritual beings with an important purpose that’s been hidden for far too long.


My Sessions

My Sessions

Flat Earth & The Bible

Carolina Ballroom

An all-star panel discussion on flat earth and the bible. What does the bible say about creation and the Creator? Comments