Flat Earth Video Awards

Carolina Ballroom

The LIVE 2017 Flat Earth Video Awards Show hosted by Mark Sargent & Patricia Steere.

Who will win this year? So many amazing contributors! Good luck!

The first Flatty Awards Shows was Streamed live on Feb 15, 2016 The results are below.

Best Flat Earth Film – Scrawny2Brawny Flat Earth in Movies And TV Shows
Best Flat Earth Pioneer – Math Powerland/Boylan
Best Most recent convert – Santos Bonacci
Best Video Junior Division- Croation Girl
Best Actress – Orphan Red
Best Actor – Eric Dubay as everyone he hates
Best Soulful female – Marmar Queen
Best Soulful male – Phuket Word
Best Costume Designer – Mr. Moot
Best Graphics – My Perspective
Best Body of Flat Earth Work – My Perspective
Best Short Documentary – Waykiwayki Simplified, Theorized and Summarized
Dmurphy25 Flat Earth: The Biggest Lie Of All (Part 1. Look for Part 2)
Most Prolific Flat Earth Channel – Flat Water
Best One Man Show – Daniel Pratt
Best Weekly Group Show – Globebusters
Best Comedy Show- Flat Earth Rebel Outpost
Best Flat Earth Radio Network – Chris and Sheri Geo of Truth Frequency Radio
Best Science Documentary Series – The Morgile
Best Bible Researcher – Rob Skiba
Best Bible Newcomers Controversy7, Celebrate Truth, Adam Joseph Doughty
Best Debate – DITRH David versus Jim Fetzer
Most gracious debate loser (globalist category) Stanton Friedman
Best Round table – Jon LeBon
Best Female Experimenter – Ashlee Webster
Best Male Experimenter – Zeteticism dot com Jeffrey Grupp
Best Group Experiment – Jeran and Missa
Best Male Whistle Blower – Shawn Macreary
Best Female Whistle Blower – Robin Poe
Best Original Flat Earth Music – Ian Leahy, Living On A Flat Plane
Honorable mentions:
Dear Globe by George Derveaux
Erasthotones Was Wrong by Chris Work
Flat Earth Song by Mr. Moot
Infinite Flat Earth by Daddy Phriday and Macdawg
Best Flat Earth Cover Song – Paint It Flat by JMLean
Best Flat Earth Science Series- Brian Mullin – Balls out Physics (Now renamed the Brian Mullin channel)
Most missed flat earther – Stars are Souls
Highest original view count – Eric Dubay 640,000 (200 Proofs Earth Is Not A Spinning Ball Videobook.
Best Experiment – Insanity is Sanity Moon Light Magnification Test
Best Long Distance Proof – Terry Robinson. Strong Evidence Of The Flat Earth- Oahu Visible from Kauai, More Than 90 Miles Away.
Most Helpful Video – Fran Anderson. Flat Earth For Beginners – Hold Onto Your Hat, Earth Is Flat!
Best simple demonstration – Perspective or Curvature? Ghan D.
Shortest Flat Earth Demonstration – Educate Yourself – See Earth Rotate, NASA Fraud
Best Bible verse video – 75 Bible Verses Prove A Flat Earth -TigerDan925
Best ISS hoax video series – Learn of the Jesuit Order
Flat Earth & Other Hot Potatoes “Across The Pond Award” for a fellow interview oriented show-Nathan Oakley
Most Inspirational Video (Patricia) Truth About Everything in 1 minute – Insanity is Sanity
Matrix Decode. United – A Message For The Truth Community, (My Heroes And Friends)
(Mark) Marsharris. 1984, Flat Earth God Answers. You Can’t Write This Stuff.
Best Mixed conspiracy channel – Russianvids
Flat Earth Nice Guy award – Martin Liedke
Fastest rising star – Jesse Spots
Angriest Flat Earth Rant – Jake Blastard (pro)
Omni-Eris (con)
Most Anti Flat Earth Videos created but least watched
Tie – Rayn Gryphon, Critical Unity