Karlee Midrano

Karlee Sunshine

Karlee Sunshine Midrano has been a truther since she was 8 years old. Searching for the truth of this world has been a priority in her life. Flat Earth found her in Feb of 2015 while studying Crrow777s work and becoming connected with Mark Sargent on Clyde Lewis show “Ground zero”. The more she studied the more she wanted to give back to the community and she became the owner of the Facebook group “Flat and Happy” and is now co-adminning 12 plus groups. Next came creating a content youtube channel to share observations and theories..which graduated to a video log. Consistently allowing her theories, photography , art and creative models to express themselves, she encourages others to participate and enjoy their flat earth experience

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My Sessions

My Sessions

Flat Earth Q&A Panel

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Join Patricia Steere as she hosts the FEIC17 Q&A Panel. This is the time to ask your questions from anyone on the stage! You don’t want to miss this one! Comments