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About Us

Now You See TV was started in 2010 as an independent media company. It started as a vision and turned into a reality by a series of events that we believe were divine intervention. As we go we continue to reach from 250 thousand people per month and growing with our videos. We are humble to be used by the Almighty.We do not accept donations at this point because we don’t want to be regulated by the government. If you would like to help support us please go to our shop and buy one of our products. You can also buy services, or promotions that will benefit you greatly as an artist, or record label.


Jon Pounders and family started Now You See TV in 2010 to play out his vision of reaching the world through Media. Now You See TV is now one of the fastest growing ministries in the country. Through Yeshua all things are possible.

Partner/ Videographer

Daniel Hatt has partnered with Now You See TV to help bring the world Yeshua. He is our lead videographer. His passion is to reach as many people as possible with the gospel through media.

John Hall has a passion for sharing the whole Word of YHVH-Genesis to Revelation. He and his wife Patricia partners with Now You See Tv to deliver biblical teachings across the world. Their mission is to connect the family of YHVH to His Word and Messiah by following His example, worshiping the Father in Spirit and Truth.